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Our team of plastic extrusion experts will work with you to ensure you find the right material for your extrusion’s usage. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust the team at Profile Mfg to guide you through the process including offering advice on sustainability and plastic suitability.

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Profile Manufacturing, Inc. is a minority owned and operated company. For more than 30 years we have been providing prompt service and quality parts to a variety of industries including automotive, marine, recreational vehicle, furniture, appliance, construction, solar, and packaging.

World Class Plastic Extrusion

World Class Extruded Plastic Components

At Profile Mfg we understand our customers' needs for a reliable plastic profile supplier and for us this begins with quality and repeatability throughout the manufacturing process.

  • We design and produce all extrusion tooling internally which shortens lead times, eliminates reliance on outside manufacturing, and reduces cost.
  • We offer a variety of Secondary Operations to help reduce cost and shorten your time on getting your part to production. These secondary operations include end cap, die cut, heat forming, stretch bending, assembly, etc.
  • The results of inline finishing of extrusion profiles is absolute precision, offering a maximum in cost efficiency and tolerance accuracy.

Quality Control. IATF 16949:2016 Certified

Through research and development, we reduce costs while improving the quality and functional characteristics of existing components and manufacturing processes. Our goal is to exceed customers' expectations.

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Profile Mfg is committed to provide superior products that meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.


We are dedicated to continual improvement of our quality system, customer service, and the highest level of ethics throughout the company.


It is every departments duty at Profile Mfg to insure each and every shipment meets it deadline.


Scientific design, sound engineering and responsive service make our products successful in applications for virtually every industry.


At Profile Mfg we extrude plastic profiles that are essential in the creation of a variety of products that serve a broad spectrum of applications and industries. Our capabilities facilitate custom plastic profiles in a range of configurations, sizes, thicknesses, colors, and lengths. Below are just a few of the industries we serve.


From weather and UV protection to strength enhancement and sound damping, our products are located in very different areas of all world-known vehicle brands.


We manufacture marine extrusion profiles from a flexible, UV protected, plastic compound that will be durable enough to survive the rugged marine environment.


Our plastic profiles increase process reliability in production, are used as connecting elements and help to provide specific contours


Extruded plastics are sturdy and operational, making them a great material for the appliance industry.


Flame retardation, Energy saving and weather protection are just a few ways our parts are used in the construction industry.


Our durable plastic extrusions can hold up to the harsh elements such as wind, rain, snow, sun.


From engineering and design to quality control and our speedy shipping and delivery, Profile Mfg stands out as a top



Profile Mfg has a fully equipped tool room with the latest three axis machining centres and wire eroders, which enable us to provide a complete in-house tool production and maintenance service to our customers.

Plastic Extrusion Engineering

Designing and producing all extrusion tooling internally shortens lead times, eliminates reliance on outside manufacturing, raises quality, and reduces cost.

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Our 30 years of experience manufacturing plastic extrusions has taught us that taking the time to consider the intricacies of extrusion design in the early stages of a project always achieves the best results.

Plastic Extrusion Quality

A well-designed plastic extrusion will ensure cost-effective tooling, avoid production issues and reduce lead times from inception to delivery.


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Shipping & Delivery

Profile Mfg's lead-times and on-time-delivery are both best-in-class

Plastic Extrusion Shipping

With ever increasing demands by customers, we understand the need to have on-time and reliable deliveries along with proactive and responsive customer support.

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Accounts Payable/Receivable

Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable is essential to any business to ensure good relationships with suppliers and customers.

Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

At Profile Mfg we think of our Accounts Payable/Receivable department as the PR team for your financial interactions. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any issues or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Extrusion is a process by which two dimensional shapes are produced from thermoplastic on a continuous basis. Pipe, tubing, sheet, solid shapes and profiles are typical extruded products. Any desired length part can be provided. In-line application of PSA tapes, labels, punching or notching are available on extruded parts.

  • What is Profile Extrusion?

    Profile extrusion is extrusion of a shaped product that can be a variety of configurations but does not include sheet or film products. Profile extrusion can include solid forms as well as hollow forms. Products ranging from tubing to window frames to vehicle door seals are manufactured this way.

  • Typical tolerances for an extrusion are +/- 0.020 inches for dimensions up to 1.5 inches. Tighter tolerances are possible where necessary, but they can increase tooling cost, set up time or run speed - or all three. In most cases, +/- . 005 will be the tightest that can be effectively measured.

  • We receive a wide variety of extrusion designs and file types to review each day. We can work with almost all of them. Ideally, a PDF file showing critical dimensions, tolerances and surface areas will help us understand the critical elements of your extrusion design. A CAD file will help us if there are any areas that are unclear and it can speed up the process of designing the extrusion die once you’ve placed an order.

  • The extrusion process allows for a wider variety of intricate shapes compared to what can be produced through the rolling process. Additionally, extruded products have a higher quality surface and constant cross-section material throughout the length of the product compared to rolled products.

  • Profile Mfg is IATF 16949:2016 certified. Each product shipment is documented for compliance to strictest quality control guidelines, in addition to the nuances of the specific production run. Quality control is the responsibility of all Profile MFG employees and is monitored and recorded by Quality Assurance personnel on an hourly basis. We are routinely audited by major corporations for compliance to ISO standards and other recognized quality systems. Our consistently high level of product quality is the primary reason for our outstanding customer performance ratings and for our significant growth in the last decade.

  • Yes we can. Our staff has many years of experience in extrusion and we can provide some assistance to every industry that we serve. Our experienced team will help turn your concepts into quality products.

  • You can get quotes in several ways: scroll down slightly and fill out our form, send us an email with your request or feel free to call us at (586) 598-0007 and talk with one of our engineers and we can discuss your needs and work up a quote from there.

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